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 Executive Admin Format (Only for current Admins)

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PostSubject: Executive Admin Format (Only for current Admins)   Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:52 pm

Executive Admin Format .

Name -

Age -

Facebook Name -

Forum Name -

UFF Server Name (Registered) -

UFF Forums Name -

Briefly explain your aspects on how to manage a server -

Describe your current position as an Admin (Also mention your current Admin Rank) -

Your point of view on the duties of an Executive Admin -

"With great power , comes great responsibility" Describe how you will use your power on the goodwill of the Clan And Server -

Time in which you spent with the server and clan (Both on facebook and the server) [In Months / Hours] -

Be sure that you have completed these requirements

Atleast 50 Posts in Facebook group or Forums .
Completed 45 Hours in - game with DBH .
Demoted / Promoted atleast 3 members .

Situation Based Questions .

1 - "Someone asks you to help make a new topic in forums"
2 - "Someone asks you how to hack on the server"
3 - "You saw constant Bugs on the server and being the only executive admin , you have to do something"
4 - "You saw a banned ip coming back to the server"
5 - "An admin abused their power for selfless deeds"

Your Point of view on when to promote an admin -
Your Point of view on when to demote an admin -


** Be sure to post the link of the format .
** Be sure to mention that everyone can vote on your app .

Thank you and Good luck .

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Executive Admin Format (Only for current Admins)
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