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 Trial Co-founder guidelines.

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PostSubject: Trial Co-founder guidelines.   Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:40 pm


So you recently became a trial Co-founder. First off, congratulations!
Now, you must realize that with great power comes great responsibility.
So what exactly does the trial Co-founder do? What are his responsibilities?
Well, you were chosen as a trial Co-founder because we think that you might do well as a Co-founder and as a manger of the gang. You know all the power that comes with a Co-founder.
As a trial Co-founder, you will inherit the Co-founder rank in-game and you will be judged over a period of 5-7 days on your performance and overall characteristics towards the gang.
Some of the criteria that you would become monitored will be:
1) Helping out other members.
2) Staying active and capturing zones even if you are alone.
3) Not breaking any gang rules.
4) Friendliness towards players.
5) Participation in gang events.
6) Overall effort to boost the gang statistics.

After judging you, you would either be made a permanent Co-founder or be demoted back to leader. (This depends solely on those criteria)
If we see that you would do good as a Co-founder, then you will be made one.

Now that you are a trial Co-founder, you can vote for Manager applications. Simply head over to our Facebook group, find Manager applications if available
and comment your vote.
+1 indicates positive vote while -1 indicates negative vote. Neutral indicates a neutral vote. Give specific reason for your vote.

Now that you are a trial Co-founder, you can promote players up-to leader and demote them too. Further, you can also warn and kick members.
For promotion, consider the following:-
1) Is the member active?
2) Does the member come to gang war when called?
3) Does the member have good communication skills?
4) Does the member break rules often?
5) Does the member have some potential to boost DBH's overall statistics?
If so, you can promote them.

For demotion and warnings, consider the following:-
1) Does the member break rules?
2) Is the member active?
3) Is the member available for gang wars often?

Note: Before demoting, think if you would warn the player instead. If you choose to warn the player, you must head over to our Facebook group, make a new post, and type in the member name that you warned along with an appropriate reason (Also, submit proofs if you can)
All members will have a 3/3 limit and if exceeded, will be kicked.

Kicking a player must only be done with good caution. Observe the member carefully and kick him if and only if he deserves it.
If the member breaks the gang rules often, you can do this. Also, any other purpose is fine provided you make updates at Facebook.
Do not kick for simple reasons like not coming to gang war once or for accidentally killing other members.
Your kick action must solely be based upon the correct procedure and must not be influenced by your personal arguments.
Kicking is the most hardest punishment a member can receive. Just remember that.

With all this being said, we wish you good luck and a joyful experience being a trial Co-founder/Co-founder! Any queries or comments will always be entertained at our Facebook group or this forum or via private messages.

Regards, Reckon.
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Trial Co-founder guidelines.
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